Renovated Pools


When it’s time to renovate your pool to get it looking and working like new, you can rely on our technicians up-to-date training and certifications. If your pool area has become unsafe, unfunctional or an eyesore, we can renovate the tile, equipment, interior finishes, patios and decks to make it a space you love again.

Renovations Including Tile, Coping, Interior Finishes, Patios, & Decks

C&V Wetworks can remove and replace tile and coping that is deteriorating or cracked to create a pool perimeter that is inviting. Interior pool plaster can become rough, stained, or unsightly over time. We can apply a new interior finish (replaster) to the entire pool surface that can revitalize the look or your pool.

If your decking has shifted, cracked, or deteriorated, C&V Wetworks can remove it and lay down a new deck. We have beautiful options, including stamped concrete, brick pavers, and travertine. Decorative coatings can also enhance the look of an existing concrete deck.

Equipment Upgrades & Automation

It may be time to upgrade your main pump or booster pumps, variable speed pumps are a reliable energy-efficient choice. Salt/chlorine generation or "salt water pools" are an excellent sanitizer system that give the water a soft, clean feel. LED color changing pool and spa lighting can add vibrance to your nighttime pool party. Replace the tired, smoking, pool heater with an energy-efficient (84%) electronic ignition heater.

C&V Wetworks can install automation to an existing pool and spa equipment system that puts the operation of everything to an app on your phone. There's no need to go outside to the equipment, just open the app. This puts convenience in the palm of your hand.

C&V Wetworks has many top-of-the-line options that are user friendly and energy-efficient.