New Pools

Adding a new pool to your home is an exciting time! We’ll take you from planning time to splashing time with our capable and qualified technicians. First, we’ll meet with you to look at your backyard and find out what you’re looking for, whether it’s a place to swim laps or a fun focal point for backyard entertaining. We can use our new Pool Studio 3D technology to show you your pool design overlaid in your own backyard!

Design and Build Custom Inground Gunite Swimming Pools and Spas

We'll start by working with you to design your new pool and backyard environment. Next, we navigate through the township permitting process.

The construction schedule starts with the excavation of the pool area, then the steel rebar reinforcing cage is installed. The plumbing is installed for the skimmers, returns, jets, lights, and main drains. There are inspections at this point to confirm all work is performed to industry standards and national codes.

The gunite shell installation is the "wow" moment when the pool structure takes shape. Gunite is a special mixture of cement, sand, and water that is applied through a pressure hose. It is suitable for swimming pool construction due to its strength and workability allowing flexibility in design along with a lasting durable structure. The gunite mix has a lower ratio of water than concrete, creating a higher tensile strength.

The piping and equipment set is then completed. All piping and equipment are pressurized to ensure there are no leaks. A tile border is then laid at the pool perimeter. This frost-proof tile is offered in a wide range of styles and colors.

The coping and deck are next. Brick, travertine, or cantilever concrete can complete the water's edge. A concrete deck can be stamped with color or broom finished. Travertine or brick pavers can also complete the decking.

C&V Wetworks performs all the electrical work from connecting into the existing house panel to a completed power center at the pool equipment. All electrical work is performed to industry standards and NEC codes.

The final construction step is the interior finish. This process waterproofs the gunite shell and provides the visually appealing color and texture to the pool shell surface. Wet Edge and Krystal-Krete are just 2 of the materials available.

Finally, it's time to fill the pool. Tanker trucks will be brought in to fill the pool immediately and begin the curing process. After the pool is full, we will start the equipment and begin balancing the water chemistry. C&V Wetworks will walk you through "Pool School" to indoctrinate you about your new pool. Then it's time to "jump in" and enjoy your new backyard.

Swimming Pool Lighting and Electric

We recommend LED for all your pool and landscaping projects. It is the energy-efficient alternative to old-style incandescent bulbs. With the color changing options available, we can make your pool shine. We do all the grounding and bonding to NEC codes to ensure a safe environment.

Patios, Walkways, & Retaining Walls

We build patios, walkways and retaining walls from the ground up. We dig it out, put stone down, and pour concrete or pavers. We also build retaining walls with lighting and decorative features. We can add a beautiful, functional walkway from a back door to an existing patio, or from the street to your front door that will last for years to come.
New Pools

Water Features and Waterfalls

Work with C&V Wetworks to add a beautiful water feature to your home. A waterfall of stream that trickles into a pond can add a destination of serene beauty to your yard. We can add a waterfall feature that cascades into your existing swimming pool for a fun and exciting addition.

iPhone or Android Pool System Control

Many older pool systems were controlled by mechanical timers and valves. We can now control everything in your backyard with an app on your smartphone, iPhone or Android. Turn on lights, set the spa to heat or turn on the waterfall, all on your way home from work! We install Zodiac IAqualink and Pentair Screen Logic.