Backwash Overview

Backwashing is an important part of maintaining a swimming pool and spa. Think of it as a clean out for the filter. You will know that the filter needs to be backwashed because the pressure will be higher than normal, approximately 10 psi higher. Completing this process will help the filter to be most efficient.

Before backwashing, attach the backwash hose and direct it to where you would like the discharge water to go.

*Please check with your township ordinances* and never discharge the water onto another person's property or into a lake or stream. Try your best to have the water run off into a wooded/weeded area on your property or disperse it over the lawn to avoid excess mud and erosion.

Backwashing is a process of moving the valve so that the direction of water flow changes to the opposite direction, breaking down built up dirt, debris, and D.E in the filter. You will continue to backwash until the looking glass appears clear. At this point the filter is backwashed and more D.E. will be added to charge the filter.

To Backwash:

1) Turn off the pump - never change valve positions while the pump is running

2) Change the filter valve to Backwash

3) Turn the pump on

4) Stop and start the pump several times to flush the filter - end when the sight glass shows clear water

5) Re-set the valve to normal filtration

6) Add new D.E. into the system through the skimmer - remove the skimmer lid and basket, add 1 pound of D.E per 10 sq.ft. of filter area to the skimmer slowly, wash down with water as needed, then replace the skimmer basket and lid

Keep in mind proper filtration and circulation are important for water quality. Backwash as needed to keep your filter running efficiently.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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