Independence Day

The 4th of July, Independence Day, is coming up soon! While we all appreciate the Declaration of Independence being adopted in 1776, it's also a busy time planning celebration festivities.  

Summer holidays tend to be my favorite, nothing beats grilling, soaking up the sun and being surrounded by friends and family, even better when there is swimming involved!

Prepare your pool for your holiday party - remember to not add all chemicals to the pool all at once (they will not do their job effectively), so check the water chemistry well in advance to have time to adjust accordingly. Also allow 4-6 hours of circulation after adding chemicals before swim time to avoid any adverse reactions or irritation to swimmers.

Don't forget after the party is over (the next day or when it's convenient for you), check the pool chemistry again and adjust accordingly due to the heavy bather load, and fill the pool as needed to compensate for any splash out or lost water. The water should always be filled to mid-skimmer/mid-tile to avoid equipment running dry and getting air into the system.

On the 4th, I love to watch the local parade and then have a cook out with family and friends and in the evening we go to see the fireworks at the park.

What are your holiday plans?

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Please keep in mind that the office will be closed on Thursday to observe the holiday. All Wednesday maintenance will be completed on Tuesday, Thursday maintenance on Wednesday and Friday schedule as usual.


Have a happy, safe Independence Day!

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