Pool Opened: Getting the Water Clear

A crystal clear pool always looks so inviting!

Each year you get so excited to open the pool and enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water on a hot summer day, but upon opening it looks more like a pond rather than an oasis. While we can guarantee you those frogs aren't going to turn into a prince, we can not magically make that water clear in a day. It takes time, patience, and chemical balancing, and we are here to help!

C&V Wetworks does offer an early spring service that includes Algaecide and Chlorine. This service would take place a few weeks before your opening so those chemicals get a head start on clearing up the mess.

At the scheduled opening, our crew will vacuum and brush the pool, eliminating some of the debris, along with testing the chemistry. Our opening go-to chemicals include: Algaecide - the brushing of the pool will weaken the outer shell of the algae, allowing the chemical to be more effective, Stain & Scale Inhibitor - will refrain the Copper and Iron that built up over the winter from staining the pool surface, as well as Chlorine - the sanitizer.

Once the pool is opened, we recommend running the filter 8-12 hours per day until the pool water is clear, it is also important to keep an eye on the pressure gauge of the filter; back washing is going to be vital to the process. All that dirt and algae will be going into the pool system and through the filter. The filter is going to need to be cleaned by back washing frequently to keep up with the demand. You can also run the system for a full 24 hours, just be ready to backwash when the pressure rises. Back washing is applicable for both Sand and D.E filters, if you have a cartridge filter, it will be necessary to remove and rinse off the cartridges to clear them of the debris.

The opening of the pool and clearing the water will be an ongoing process. Filter maintenance will need to continue, as well as testing the water chemistry again every 3-4 days and adjusting accordingly to make sure the chemicals are in enough concentration to continue to work clearing up the water. The few days in between testing and adjusting gives the water time to circulate and saturate to become the same chemistry giving a more accurate reading.

Once chemistry balance is achieved and the filter pressure is under control, the water will be looking clear and ready for a swim!

We hope our services can be of great help and ease for you to get your pool summer ready. If you are planning a big Memorial Day pool party, be sure to schedule your opening in advance to ensure enough time for the chemicals to start working their magic and clearing the pool water so it won't scare the guests away!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on water chemistry!

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