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Beginning To Now
Ashley, Cody & Steve

C&V Wetworks became established in 2001, but Steve Morris was definitely not new to the trade. He began working in the pool industry in 1984 on a plastering crew and in the 90's continued with a construction and maintenance crew. After getting married in 1994 and having children Veronica and Cody, C&V Wetworks was established in 2001. Wife, Janine ran the office and Steve completed the labor.

The growth of C&V has definitely been a family effort, with other sons, Chris and Randy, as well as nephews Leland and Patrick, working through the seasons over the years to help handle the work load.

Today the company now offers openings, closings, maintenance, equipment repairs, installs, and upgrades as well as pool construction and renovations. Steve is a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and carries several certifications including National Plaster Council's Certified Start Up Technician, APSP Certified Building Professional and APSP Certified Service Professional. During the winter, Steve and the employees attend the Atlantic City Pool Show and Pentair seminars to complete business and technical classes in order to stay up to date on industry information and their certifications.

Son, Cody Morris, began working for the family business upon completing high school in 2013 and is learning the trade to eventually take over the family business, even though we aren't sure Steve will ever retire!

While Janine enjoys spending time with their grand children and running marathons, Ashley has been hired in 2014 to handle the office tasks. Hi, yup that's me here! Bringing you our new blogs!  You may have also met me out and about doing pool maintenance while I was learning the job hands on.


For 2019, we look forward to another great season! We already have a pool build underway and several openings to get ready for Memorial Day. Steve and Cody are working to train our new employees, Mike and TJ, and I (Ashley) am back in the office Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 3pm.


All of us here at C&V Wetworks are excited for the website update as well as the start of this blog and look forward to helping with all your pool and spa needs this summer!  


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